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Our products typically ship within 2-4 days after an order has been placed. You can expect to receive your shipment within 7-10 business days. However, there are circumstances that can cause delay such as backordered products. In this case we will let you know when you’re placing your order.


For any return items you must first contact customer service at: 972-475-0092, or 866-690-3272. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from our factory, plus a 20% restocking fee. The restocking fee can be waived in certain circumstances.

We will not accept any freight collect shipments to our factory.

We will not accept damaged goods by freight unless you have received a return authorization code from customer service.

Inspecting your Shipment

Once the freight company delivers your product it is imperative that you fully inspect your product while the driver waits. Make certain all items shipped have arrived and you aren’t being shorted any packages. Inspect the boxes for damage. If any of the boxes are damaged open them and inspect the items inside to determine if the products inside are damaged. Then, inspect the frame parts carefully. Make sure the freight company hasn’t run over any of the parts with a forklift. Concentrate your inspection towards the ends of the frame parts. (The parts of the frame that sleeve together) Look closely to ensure they are still in their round form and haven’t been flattened or damaged.

Procedure for Missing Parts & Damage

Q.) What do I do if my shipment arrives missing parts?

A.) Accept the freight. Have the driver make a notation on the bill of lading that parts are missing. Then call our company direct at 866-690-3272. The freight company can typically resolve any missing parts issues within 1-2 days. If it becomes apparent the freight company cannot locate the missing item(s) then we will immediately send out replacements at the expense of the freight company.

Q.) What do I do if my shipment is damaged?

A.) Accept the freight. Have the driver make a notation on the bill of lading that parts are damaged. Then call our company direct at 866-690-3272. We will immediately ship out replacement parts for those that are damaged.


We don’t have many cases of lost or damaged items when shipping, but it does happen. Once the freight leaves our factory it’s completely in the hands of one of our freight carriers. In the case that your product arrives damaged you want to ALWAYS accept the freight, while having the driver note damage on the freight bill. When an item is damaged most freight carriers will recommend denying the freight. Not only will this cause a huge delay in receiving your products, but it also benefits the freight company financially.

Example: It costs $300 in freight charges to ship your item to you. One piece is damaged. You accept the freight and have the driver note the damage on the freight bill. Then you call us immediately. We will ship the replacement part right away. Shipping for the replacement part costs us $200. We then have to file a claim with the freight company for the cost of the new part (not including labor) + shipping for the new part at $200. Our company then has to wait a minimum of 120 days before the freight company reimburses us for their mistake.

If you deny the freight this entire process is much more expensive, more time consuming, and the freight company benefits greatly. We do NOT ship damaged items, nor do we ship partial products.







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