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All of our products are made in the USA.  We purchase our raw materials in the U.S. We manufacture in the U.S. We employ American workers.

Indoor Jump Center Design and Construction

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If you would like to get a custom quote on your next project call us toll free at: 1-866-690-3272

Local Services We Offer


Full service in-ground trampoline installations.


Delivery & installation offered for all of our rectangular trampoline models.

Trampoline moving services.


Trampoline repair services.

Nationwide Services We Offer


In-ground trampoline service. We will work directly with your contractor to ensure your in-ground trampoline installation meet our specifications.


Shipping directly to your home or place of business.

Trampoline repair services.

Pole vault, high jump pits, and stunt matting.

Custom design & installation of indoor jumping facilities.  (see below)

Fox Television/ Glee

See our trampolines on FOX.

(Coming this Fall)

Two of our 10x17 Olympic trampolines will be featured in an episode of Glee on the Fox network this Fall following American Idol.

Our trampolines will be disguised as large beds. The actors will be bouncing on the beds during a musical scene.

Brands We Service

Best American Trampolines

Sidlinger Trampolines

Jumpking Trampolines

AMF Trampolines

NBF Trampolines

Nissen Trampolines

Texas Trampolines

All American Trampolines

Jump Sport Trampolines

Super Trampoline

Folding Trampolines

In-Ground Trampolines

In Ground Trampolines

In Ground Trampolines

We offer complete in-ground trampoline installation services in the Dallas, Fort Worth & surrounding areas.

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local: 972-475-0092, toll free: 866-690-3272


Rectangular Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline
Olympic Trampoline

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Are you the manufacturer?

Yes.  We are the longest lasting trampoline manufacturer in the US. We have been manufacturing higher quality rectangular trampolines since 1978.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes.  We offer our products directly to the public as well as dealers and distributors throughout the US.

Am I required to pay sales tax?

No.   If you reside in a state other than Texas you pay no sales tax. The prices listed would be your total.

Yes.   Texas residents are required to pay 8.25% sales tax.

What companies use your products?

We are more commonly known throughout the industry for our line of pole vault & high jump pits, stunt matting, and protective cushion designs.

Aside from the thousands of trampolines we have in backyards throughout the US, you will also find our products used at high schools, major universities, & large corporations across the country.

Stunt Matting

Batman Stunt Show

Cowboys & Indians Stunt Show

Six Flags Logo

Stunt Matting

Pirates Plunder Stunt Show

Sea World Logo

Custom Fall Pits

Designed & installed custom units to pad the training facility at Dallas Love Field.

Southwest Airlines Logo

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